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Seeing Eye Suncatcher Sticker

Seeing Eye Suncatcher Sticker

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Suncatcher sticker with a seeing eye design. These special suncatcher stickers peel off from the white back to reveal a cracked ice pattern in the clear sticker, allowing sun to shoot through when placed in a window and make a magic rainbow pattern on the walls and floor. Best placed in a window that gets great morning or afternoon sun.

Dimensions: 4" x 4" circle

How to Get the Most out of Your Suncatcher Sticker

  • Suncatchers love windows facing East (great morning light), West (great afternoon light), or South (all day exposure). 
  • Direct light is needed but not necessarily ALL that is needed - consider using curtains or blinds to better direct the ambient light in your room.
  • Lots of things can impact the best rainbow display - seasons, placement, weather, time of year. Your decals will never stop working, but one of those factors may make it look a little less impressive on that day.
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